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2016 Antique Nationals is coming soon!


With Antique ants coming up I thought we would build some interest , I absolutely love this event. fun with the family a little racing and great friends all around. It makes me think of all of the dragstrips that have closed here in recent years and some that are setting the date to close. We as hotrodders really gotta support our local racers and drag strips or they really will be a thing of the past. So for now heres a link for all of you to get on and sign up!


We will see you out there! But for now heres a brief history and photos from the past events courtesy of Four ever Four Cylinder Club


Antique Nationals History

The Antique Nationals has a famed and storied past, and this year will mark its 46th consecutive year.  This event originally started out as a small event within an event at the Smokers March Meet way back in the early 1960’s.  At the time, the four banger guys were looking for a place to run their hopped up bangers, and the Four Ever Four Cylinder Club staged elimination rounds in the afternoon of the March Meet, strictly for the banger guys.  The Four Ever Four Cylinder club was established in 1954.  This group of 4 cylinder Ford enthusiast really pushed to make an Antique Engine event all of their own, without having to wait for the big guys to give them some time to run the track.


An event called 999 was held in Long Beach, CA also in the early sixties.  This early antique engine race was hosted by a group of guys, who were not in the 4 Ever 4 cylinder club, but they turned over their 999 profits to the 4 ever 4 guys with hopes that they would start an annual event.  At the time the club had about 12 members, and were a larger more active group.  Another couple of short events were held at the Fontana dragstip, within the bigger events.  At one point the 4 Ever 4 Cylinder group would field as many as 6 banger powered dragsters per event.


The first event at the Orange County International Raceway (OCIR) was held in 1969, and called “Bonnie & Clyde”.  The event became known as the Antique Nationals in 1971 at Orange County.  It was here that they first opened the racing to all 1934 and earlier engines, with a smattering of 21-stud V8’s joining the bangers.  A few years later it was opened to 1954 and earlier vehicles. The original intent was to host hopped up 4 cylinder engines with Flathead and Overhead Valve configurations, inline 6 & 8 cylinders, along with V8 Flatheads, that were considered obsolete or Antique at the time.  Additional E.T. Bracket classes were also created for the later engines running in the early model cars, thus allowing big and small block engines to run in your pre-54 Hot Rods.  With fewer and fewer 4-bangers running, they needed to open up the race to later vehicles to cover the cost of the strip.

Over the years The Antique Nationals and the earlier shorter events were held at famous tracks in Southern California such as Famoso, Old San Gabriel, Colton, Fontana, and Irwindale.  The Antique Nationals was held at OCIR until it closed 1983.  The event was then moved to L.A. County raceway in Palmdale until it closed in 2007.  It is now held in Fontana at the Auto Club Dragway.  We had a two year hiatus while the sound wall was being built, and went to the new Irwindale speedway dragstrip for some 1/8th mile racing.

This annual event has become a Southern California favorite, with Dain Gingerelli listing it in his top 7 events to go attend in “California Roddin’”, in the original Issue one Hop Up revived by Mark Morton.  Flathead and banger powered dragsters, and low 10 second 32’ Fords have been the draw to this annual event.  They have moved the date a little closer to spring this year, so set your calendars for May 7th, 2016, and have a blast.

Clark Crump, 4E4

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