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All Monthly Archives: March 2016

1 year ago by hopupmag

Hotrod Dirt Drags 2016!!!!

The dirt drags are one of those events we look forward to all year! Last year there were a...

1 year ago by Mark Morton

Mort’s Shorts

MORT’S SHORTS – APRIL RIP FC *It’s an Individual Expression. Some guys are expressing ‘Richie Cunningham’ stylizations, and then...

1 year ago by hopupmag

A.S.S. Tech Building a hammer formed gauge cluster

The first step in producing your own custom gauge cluster is finding a proper mounting location on the vehicle....

1 year ago by hopupmag

couple of unknowns (Bonneville files)

Well this is really my bad, no paper no pen 3 years later and I find myself trying to...

1 year ago by hopupmag

Get your picking’ on!!!

Huge sale on early ford stuff going on soon!!! Heres a short list of whats to be sold off....

1 year ago by hopupmag

Wild and strange times at the 58th March Meet

  The 58th running of the March Meet at Famoso Raceway, just outside of Bakersfield California, was full of...

1 year ago by becky sutton

Dick Lewis Roadster (loosies)