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A Cackle And A Rumble

words/ pics: justin baas


Last weekend was a good one, living in Escondido gives me close access to Cruisin’ Grand, a weekly cruise night that runs right through old down town. Steve Waldron the guy behind one of the biggest cruise nights in the country knows how to cap the final night off with a bang…..or a cackle. Who’d imagine you’d see a fleet of vintage fuel dragsters lined up on city streets? For the last few years Nitro Night at Cruisin’ Grand has become an event that the whole city seems to come out and enjoy.

The dragsters, fuel altered, and funny cars show up to stage early out on the east end of Grand, this gives the spectators a good chance to see the cars and crew up close. Around the time the sun starts setting everyone works there way down to the center of old town, the corners of Grand and Broadway, and 2×2 the old fuelers get fired up and pushed down the street. The sound resonates off the storefronts of all the local businesses and the nitro makes the crowd tear up with watery eyes.

The street has kinda built its self up around the cruise night, what was once a sleepy little semi run down part of town is now full of new restaurants, antique stores, bars, and plenty of small specialty shops. If you’re in the area on any Friday night between april and the end of September it’s worth the trip, even on a regular cruise night hundreds of cars show up, there’s a band playing on nearly every corner, a restaurant to make any one happy, and plenty of mom and pop run shops to spend your paycheck at.

for more info/ event dates on Cruisin’ Grand click here  


The second part of the weekend was spent at the Rumble in Ramona………. more on that after some shots of grand



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Saturday was the Rumble in Ramona, more a skate party than a car show but as it’s held at my buddy Jake Doomey’s place you can be certain some great cars will show up. Jake’s and old skater but more relavent to Hop Up, he’s a Bonneville racer, hot rodder, and member of the Bean Bandits, who just happens to have a great piece of property up in Ramona. It’s a quick 30 minute drive up scenic old hwy 78 to Jake’s place, you know you’ve arrived when you see a bunch of project cars sitting out front by his hot rod/paint shop and a vert ramp in back that dwarfs his house.

The Rumbles all about having a good time, plenty of seasoned pros show up to skate the ramp along side the locals, bands play, food is cooked and beer is consumed. can’t wait for the next one..


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