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Aces Poker Run

  • Written by becky sutton
  • 2 years Ago
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Well it was that time of year again in So cal where all the shows were coming to an end and there is a lil in hotrod ding. The winter is starting to set in for us and the temps are getting cooler. what a great time to take your cars out and have a little bit of fun. The Aces CC are some good friends of ours , and have been of mine for years and years. They put on a poker run that is super rad and just what Hop Up is about . Getting out and enjoying our cars and bikes. Putting the wheels to the streets is the best!  Annually they get together near Cooks Corner just south of the city of Orange and start handing out playing cards. 5 stops in all to see who gets the best hands. It was gonna be super fun and I was stoked to be going.  Justin signed me up for it and I needed to get it done so I could make it out to El Mirage for the last meet of the year and the release party.

In the early morning I met up with a bunch of buddies the Cavaleers CC for breakfast at Johnny rebs. I hadn’t had the chevy out much as of late but I needed to knock the dust off the old girl and go for a ride. We sat eating and bench racing about the builds we were all doing and talking about cooling systems. I did the wrong thing and said I hadn’t had a problem and wasn’t worried with my ol chevy. Walker radiator, aluminum water pump,and a great fan , I was good , or so I thought. Walking out to the car to leave I told Tony hey your car is leaking pretty bad, he said nope thats yours. Low and behold the water pump let go while I was eating bacon.  well I thought that was the end for me , limp it home and grab the van. Well the Cavs wouldn’t have that no sir, so off to auto zone I went with Tim. Grabbed a 20 dollar water pump as the boys took my old one off. We had it changed in about 15 minutes and down the road we went.  That right there is hotrodding , get it done and move on down the road.

Upon arrival to the park I encountered my next danger in the Chevy. I don’t think my car it too terribly low but when it comes to speed bumps I have a problem . Someone in parks and recreation seemed to want to make mountains out of asphalt. No bags static drop and large mountains of asphalt meant me hi centering on all of em , making my but hole pucker overtime I floored it over each one. Guess thats just what being low is all about  take the good wth the bad.  Once we were set up in the park we had time to shoot the shit with all of our friends and hotrod family we hadn’t seen in a while just before we got the rundown on the route we were taking through the hills.

With everything set in motion we were on for about 80 miles to our last meet up and lunch where the winners of the poker hands would grab their scwag.  Everything was going fine all the way till the third stop where a few were starting to overheat and having a few difficulties. I was already stopped hanging and shooting pics with an old friend so I leant my knowledge and got dirty to get a few others to the end of the run. It took time to fix some stuff , but everyone got to the finish. I was on my way to a full house , but got a bad card. Maybe next year I’ll try having a poker face.

Moral of the story is get out there and drive . Problems happen , but nothing detrimental. We all had fun!


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