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Ash’s Tub

Words and Pics by Chris Cooper (AUS)


The story of the ‘21b/12b’ (My daughters birthday’s) Tub started 11 years ago when my brother, Andrew, purchased it in 2005. The bug bit Andrew hard after doing burnouts in a similar Hot Rod the whole way to mine and Becks’ wedding.

Excited as schoolboys, we got stuck into the 28’ Tub. Keeping a Traditional feel, we went with a 8BA Flathead with early heads for power (or lack of) mated up with a Mid 70’s Ford gearbox and differential, 48’ Ford Brakes & Wheels with Firestone WW 700-16 on the back and 525-16 up front.

The Hot Rod was so close to being built. It was ready for paint & interior, when, unfortunately, work and family commitments put a hold on things for a while.

Fast forward 9 years, and Andrew decided he was never going to finish it, and that’s when I purchased it. It was one of those situations where I HAD to buy it.

Andrew talked of parting it out and I thought, “No way, I had to finish this car”. Not to keep the end build but to finally finish the project and move it on for someone else to enjoy for years to come.

I put a solid few months work into the build, finished it to a standard I was really happy with and drove it around a for a short period of time before putting it up for sale.

My good buddy, Sean and I towed the Tub 10 hours across the South Australian border into Melbourne to our good friend, Shannon Cato’ house, which is where these photographs were taken. For the style of Hot Rod it is, it would have a better chance of selling being in Melbourne.

It didn’t take too long to sell and has now gone to a good friend of mine, Troy Mongelli. A guy who I know, that him his family will use often, and enjoy the heck out of it. That alone puts a smile on my face, as that’s what it was built for.

I recently saw photographs of him driving it through crazy amounts of rain and thunderstorms, no roof, just a big ear-to-ear grin, and that’s what Hot Rod’s are about  ….. Ruler!!

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