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Canepa (Santa Cruz)

Pics and words : Kleet Norris


From an early age Bruce Canepa was interested in hot rods, sports cars and auto racing of all types.   From this interest in racing and automobiles he decided to make a career of it, by competing in various forms of sports car racing such as the IMSA, Trans-Am racing series, 24 Hours of Daytona and the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, land speed racing and also by creating several companies focused on sports cars and racing.  Today, Bruce still races in historic auto races while also focusing on his company Canepa, which is located in Scotts Valley, California.

The facility in Scotts Valley offers a full service, repair and restoration shop for vintage sports cars and vintage race cars.  Cars are meticulously worked on in areas that are kept so clean that you could eat off the floor.  At any given time there can be cars that are extremely rare and worth millions of dollars that are being worked on in the shop.  The facility also houses the Canepa Motorsports Museum.  The collection features cars and motorcycles from all aspects and eras of racing.  For hot rodders the jewel of the collection is the So-Cal Coupe.  The 1934 Ford coupe was owned and raced by Alex Xydias, who was the founder of So-Cal Speed Shop.  The coupe was knows as the “Double-Threat Coupe” because of its undefeated success in drag racing and its many records at Bonneville.   The museum is open to the public and a weekly guided shop tour is also offered, which allows you to see a lot more of the facility and the cars that are in storage.


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