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A little hands on training

1 year ago by hopupmag

A.S.S. Tech Building a hammer formed gauge cluster

The first step in producing your own custom gauge cluster is finding a proper mounting location on the vehicle....

1 year ago by justin baas

Once a week roadster… round 2

  Well once a week pretty quickly turned into once every couple of weeks, then once a month, same...

2 years ago by justin baas

Once a week roadster

I’ve been getting that urge lately, you know the boredom of what you have sets in and it’s time...

2 years ago by hopupmag

Bed Cover up the A.S.S. way

  Our friends over at Austin Speed Shop are at it again this time its time for a little...

2 years ago by hopupmag

Fitting a Crafty B fuel filler with your basic tools (A.S.S.)

You don’t always need fancy expensive tools to trick out your car! There are a lot of different ways...

2 years ago by hopupmag

Bent up stock Ford wire wheels,.. throw them away? NO WAY! (tech)

      I hope you enjoy this delightful tech read about straightening bent wheels. Austin Speed Shop builder...

2 years ago by hopupmag

The wreck of Old 97

  Well I have been saying that statement for years and years and years. I got my early education...