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C&G’s Car Show and BBQ

by; justin baas


Here’s just another reason to support C&G early Ford parts, their annual customer appreciation BBQ and car show. This is a great little gathering, all the shops up and down the street open their doors, C&G brings in some fantastic BBQ, there’s a raffle and they even offer some great discounts during the show. Here’s a few quick shots from this past Saturday.


DSC05324 (750x500)

DSC05306 (750x500)

DSC05304 (750x500)

DSC05298 (750x500)

DSC05299 (750x500)

DSC05300 (750x500)

DSC05301 (750x500)

DSC05303 (750x500)

DSC05295 (750x500)

DSC05293 (750x500)

DSC05290 (500x750)

DSC05291 (750x500)

DSC05292 (750x500)

DSC05296 (750x500)

DSC05297 (750x500)

DSC05294 (750x500)

DSC05321 (750x500)

DSC05320 (750x500)

DSC05322 (750x500)

DSC05307 (750x500)

DSC05308 (750x500)

DSC05330 (750x500)

DSC05326 (750x500)

DSC05325 (750x500)

DSC05327 (750x500)

DSC05332 (750x500)



DSC05328 (750x500)

Next door to C&G is Classic V8 Ford, Andre’s place is filled up with some great projects, and he has a good collection of vintage speed parts for sale in the front room.


DSC05313 (500x750)

DSC05311 (750x500)

DSC05315 (750x500)

DSC05316 (750x500)

DSC05319 (750x500)

DSC05314 (750x500)

DSC05312 (500x750)

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