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Couple of Knuckleheads


Well more like a gaggle. Over at South City rod and custom , well it really isn’t in the south anymore but i digress,and Compani color, theres a handful of guys cranking out some of the most period perfect rods and customs and most of them have historical notoriety . The men in question are hot roders, bikers , well just car people like us that have passion for the community and history. If you ask Bill he will defiantly say he ain’t in it for the money.  Its passion that drives these folk , the denero is just a way to keep the lights on and gas in the welder.


This mob , aka Bill Gnahl, Joe Compani, and Campi the magnificent, are awesome folk .


This brings me to the pictures that are layed before you as an offering of their work.  Not my best day shooting , but wanted to get the word on the street and let y’all see what they have been doing for a year. Most shops will pick a car to finish for a big show . These guys bit off a little more, actually double.  They weren’t one off builds by any means, as they were a true history car the Pierson Bros. 36 ford, and a clone of the famous Breece Coupe.  They not only pulled it together, but crowds of people stood in awe at their workmanship. Seriously some of the best in the business. They won’t toot their horn, but I will.


Rebuilding history cars is no joke. Do you know how many people will put the car under a magnifying glass? Well I for one wouldn’t want to build em . Took some balls boys and way to go .


Be on the lookout for both of these cars in TRJ as they got us this time. But we will have a surprise for all of you in a print issue in a year… A car was built to go fast ? One for the Dirt? White and brown make truffle butter?  Who knows .


see y’all soon in Texas as we are getting this whole print is dead thing off the ground. Dr John to the infirmary ……….


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