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couple of unknowns (Bonneville files)

words and pics : Tim Sutton


Well this is really my bad, no paper no pen 3 years later and I find myself trying to remember names of car owners so you guys know. who is at fault here .  Digging around in my archive I found a couple of roadsters one black one white , both at Bonneville in 2013 and both very much different as you can see. I was going to write two different articles one being “It doesn’t get better than a black 32″ or maybe” Its all been done; Thats cause it looks good”.

The other might have been ” a dirt track date at the lake”, either way I wanted to get these pics up, and if your the owners pipe up. Please accept my apology for not having your name.

I am I think ready to go back to the salt and line my margarita glass with the salt of Utah. Mother nature hasn’t been to kind to us the last few years. Rain bad conditions and well a lake of water. This year doesn’t sound too promising at all for the salty dogs that make the voyage to the lake.  I hear ‘ “it’ll never happen again” , “the salt is all gone” , but in my mind I keep hoping for this , that mother nature just wants some time to recoup and get the good stuff back to us. I for sure don’t know for sure if there will be another , but I hope deep in my heart there will be . Hell maybe mother nature is just waiting for me to get my lakester done. If so I better hurry . The every Thursday lakester needs a shot of Geritol. Little bit at a time , but for now nostalgia.  Heres some pretty neat roadsters , one from Indiana and one from Idaho, I think……..

Tim Sutton

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