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Detroit ,the motor city


The great metropolis that was once the heartbeat of our country is now just a shadow of itself.  The idea of cars, hotrods and customs, roaming the downtown scream from the wreckage it now is. Its a place that the earth is now inheriting  and is only home to those that didn’t get out when the getting was good or folk that have a deep love for their city. Ill focus on the love .

Its much like hoarding,if it weren’t for the few of ya that stuck it out maybe all the good iron would have been shipped off to China in a junk boat. The hoards and garages that remain locked until the next caretakers can get a hand on the wheel.

I Have been to Detroit for the autoramma before. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I had blinders on when I went through the countless rows of cars in Cobo hall. Maybe I was thinking about going to explore the city too much or maybe it was the lack of items that interested me in the hall. If your into Muscle ,I would say, go to Detroit. Its true that you will find a great many one off factory muscle cars in there , but the real gems that float our boat are somewhere in between.  There’s a great history to the custom car drag racing and hotrods in Mi. one that compares to what they say Cali has . Maybe its even greater as this is where the best and brightest in the day went for work. They forged literally what were using today in our buckets and heaps.  Factories scatter this town falling apart with names like Packard, Ford, E&J, and Fisher. Once thriving with workers and geniuses of the time.

Leaving Cali, I was dreading the cold as my body now thinks I’m from here and my bones get cold in 40 degree weather.  I truly wasn’t looking forward to the trip , but what I was looking forward to is seeing the people out there I knew and hanging with them . As for the people make it all worth it. I had a preconceived notion of just Detroit muscle. Well I was wrong. I spent a few hours looking about and hidden within the walls of COBO, Trad was happening . Guys that were building real deal hotrods and resurrecting customs. Once I opened my eyes it all became clear.

During the visit John, Marcy, and myself had time to get some Business done and started choosing the order of the first issue out in April…. Its been a long time coming but Ill speak more of that later. looking good billy ray feeling good winston……..


More to come on a few of these this fall!


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  1. Great photo’s of the show gang. Looking forward to the first issue of Hop Up. Looks like there was some great iron at the show. Cheers! The website is looking good.

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