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Dode’s car party


Every year the last Sunday of July there has been a tradition in southern California. A get together , a car party…… Located in Fallbrook Ca , resides a man that really shouldn’t need an introduction if you to grease and oil in your veins. He and Wally parks alone coined the phrase dragster after him bringing an engine mounted to a frame with a seat to the drags.  His name is Dode Martin from Dragmaster. He’s been there and done just about all of it and currently at his ripe age makes most of us look like slackers.


The Car Party as its called is a gathering of some of his friends to hang out talk and have a good time. The other reason for the party is that its Dode’s b day. The man turned 92 years young this year and still wakes up Monday thru Friday and heads to the workshop to get things done. This weekend is for his friends though , you just never know who your gonna meet, last year the Snake came by to hang out , there real good friends.


The day gives folk from all around a reason to pull out their door slammers gassers hotrods and dragsters to come and hang out . we were there and had a great time…


Funny enough every year is said to be the last year , this one coulda been, but I sure hope not.


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