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El Mirage nov 2015


Well that’s all folks the 2015 season for land speed racing has come to an end. Points are being counted to see who the top dogs are for the season. One of which that might just take it has a flathead in it , which is something that hasn’t happened in over 50 years! The season was menaced by mother nature all year. seemed overtime we packed up to go to the lakes she came through with another storm to wash out the lakebed. Funny how California is in such a drought but theres rain and flooding in the mountains and high desert. Thats just how the ball bounces I guess.  November marked the 4th race weekend of the season and mother nature waited until noon on Sunday to unleash her fury.  There were a lot of record runs and one that broke speeds over 277 mph at El Mirage! That was huge!.


All and all a great time to see friends and catch up over some racing.  See you all next year again!



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