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Eskimo Pie on Repeat.


Car clubs ……….well for this guy they haunt worked out too good.  But I has my ideas . Group of friends that like to work on cars , and keep the good times rolling. Pals you could say . guys and gals you would drop what your doing to go help or loan a tool.  I seem to work for more power to ya .  I see they do work daily . and have friends all over from many different working clubs. This little ditty isn’t so much about clubs but maybe just a group of buddies helping buddies trying to get their cars to shows and more importantly on the road. The ribbons of asphalt we love to drive on.


I got a few buddies who year after year bang out at least a couple cars as a group . I think the way I idealize a club in my head . None take life too too seriously around each other and I think it makes a difference.  the photos I am doling out to the last 15 subscribers, yeah we lost a few in translation, are of Ricks Eskimo Pie. he’s press of the Cavs of long beach . I swear these guys don’t own any other shirts. Weirdos. haha.  It was their offering for GNRS this year.  I just like seeing people banging stuff out and found this interesting enough to send out to ya .    Dont beat me up on the grammar .  Enjoy. get out there and twist a bolt and get yours rollin . summer is right around the corner and we got some tricks up our sleeves…



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