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Fullerton Fabrication and Hop Up


Rudy Rodruigez , and if I miss spelled the last name he’s gonna kill me . And well he just might anyhow. just kidding. I met Rudy years ago, I was sent over to his shop early in my time with Rod & Custom by Rob Fortier. He wanted to di a story on Rudy and had me shoot the mans portrait. I think he was just feeling me out to see if we could get the Merc Rudy was working on or maybe a few rods , but thats just speculation at the time. While I was there I needed an extension cord. Rudy was kind enough to grab the one off his battery tender on his bike and let me use it . When the shoot was over , well I did as I normally do and packed up and went home.  The next day My phone rang telling me that I had his chord and he needed it back. I’ve been going to Rudys here and there for 5 years and had yet to give back this elusive, desired, 10 foot orange extension chord. Time went on and We would see each other here and there and the chord just seemed to be a shit talking session between the both of us. All along I knew where it was . I was in fact holding it for ransom for the right time. Well thats where this story begins.


Right after Sac I knew I wanted to have a get together for Hop Up , but had no idea where to do it. I asked a few people there thoughts but it all seemed to lead me into the desert. I wanted something close for all the guys in LA which believe it or not is a pain to find that location, and also at the same time have someone willing to have a few knuckleheads over invading their privacy. I once again found myself talking to Fortier on his thoughts. He immediately said call Rudy. Believe it or not my mind was so scrambled I hadn’t even thought about asking Rudy. I thought he might just not want all the fuss.  I did however have a certain item he had been wanting for the past 5 years back .  So with a quick call the ransom was made and the shop opened up.  Rudy got the chord I got the space and we had one hell of a good time with friends old and new. Thank you for all coming out it was a real good time. Lots of cars good people and weiners complements of Rudy, Jasper, and Fullerton Fabrication.

On a side note Rudy had never had any sort of party at his place before . Maybe someone could hold something for ransom of his to get him to have a shop deal one day  , who knows.

A few of the projects they have going on down there to look out for is Jaspers own 51 Bis coupe gasser. gonna have a FE motor in the mother all built up. They are back on another sweet 40 merc, maybe they will let it grace the pages of hop Up when its done, fingers crossed. 33 ford coupe with one of Rudy’s signature chops and a few other gems in the rough

Thanks guys.

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