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Meet The Advertisers!!!!!


We here at HopUp Magazine really appreciate our advertisers, for one they are more of supporters and contributors  than advertisers. They believe in what we are doing and well we believe in them as well. There isn’t one ad I personally wouldn’t call on for a little knowledge or parts. Its one of those things that we set out to do when contacting people about ad space. We want guys and gals that we would use their products, parts, or shops on our very own cars.

Matt at Gear Drive is one of those fine individuals that ponied up a few extra dollars to put his ad in the mag. He is a great guy , a family guy, and a stand up business man.  He has a bunch of really good products out there for all of us that are building hotrods. We come to a point in our builds where we need exhaust to come from the engine of our rods and out to the air behind us. He has you covered with some of the nicest lakes headers on the market. He supplies the hotrod world with everything from flanges to turnouts and everything you can think of in between. He makes a full range of baffles to keep the neighbors at bay on those early mornings peeling out onto the streets trying not to wake the dogs. As far as headers and all the parts to make em he’s the guy to talk to for sure. He carries flanges and pipes for just about every motor you would wanna deal with from 4 bangers to Hemis.

Lakes headers aint all this guys got cooking either. He just came up with his own line of intakes for the Chrysler Hemi. I have to say its a work of art. They are in stock today so if your in the market its a solid  buy. When we caught up with him in Texas he was also talking about the same 6×2 setup for Desoto and Cadillac motors as well as maybe doing a run of 2×4 intakes! very nice I can’t wait to see them .  Theres also word around the campfire of a few more badass speed parts being casted and tested but thats hush hush.


for now I will leave you with the goods. go on over and check out his site and if you have questions just give him a shout , he’s a super nice guy and always in for a conversation.

Open 9am to 7pm central time


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