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Getting ready for GNRS


By now plane tickets are bought and about to be used, tires have hit the pavement and are setting course for Pomona , Ca. for the Gran Daddy of them all, the Grand National Roadster show! This year is gonna be a good one I can tell. There are a handful of cars coming out and getting finished for the show that are amazing especially for the Hop Up reader.  As far as AMBR contenders go from first glance my opinion feels our kind will be gravitating to cars like John Wrights 36 roadster done in the essence of early Westerguard styling , of course Darryl and Terry Hollenbecks 32 featured in 11-2, and It might not be everyones cup of tea but i love  James Hetfields car , a Rick Dore creation, and love seeing that its going for Ambr. Two of these cars are defiantly breaking the mold on what AMBR has been in the past . Seems like everyones afraid to do a custom car , but whats more “beautiful” ?   I really wanna go see Tom Leibs 29 ford as well. Im sure there will be a ton of surprises when we get down to the show we just can’t wait.

A few other cars to look out for that I have gotten word on would be Micky Himsel’s high school truck , the whole dang crew in concord have been slaving on this car for the past 6 months. Its gonna be a show stopper for sure. Ill go more into depth throughout the weekend on it and may have some surprises for you here on the site.  Wayne Halbura also is bringing the 34 ford that he built in Saskatuan, This car is built in the early lakes styling and will be gracing the pages of Hop Up in further issues looking like the spring. It has so dang much detail its amazing , and the laundry list of talent that worked on it to achieve this car is staggering. Theres a bunch of great cars going to be there so come on out and say hey! I can’t wait to see them load in..

As for us Hop Up, we felt good in building 6, so we decided to stay and get a big old booth. Lay out some red carpet for your tired feet and give you something good to look at. We have three feature cars from the past, present, and future sitting in there.  Jack and Carolyn Keily’s 40′ merc built by Rob Ida will be on display along with Lars Mapsteads roadster freshly finished and Tim Heins 34 sedan. We will be shuffling the wares and stoked to bring you Vol 11-4.. Its been officially one year since we took on Hop Up its been a rollercoaster ride for sure, so not only are we having a release party at Vintage Hammer Garage saturday night , we are having a open house at Lucky Burtons friday night.  come out and say hey and help us celebrate one year of service to you! …. heres some pics and flyers..

Oh yeah and the new mags out to subscribers and distributors!!!! come get yours and take it in ..


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