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             Well if that don’t beat all, HopUp decided to give out an award. We first mentioned it to a few at GNRS that we wanted to give an award out . Mr. Dan Webb is a huge supporter of us so he took it upon himself to make us a little something something outta stainless to give out Saturday night in Detroit. It was a tough call for us to make, but I think we made the right decision. We did make it difficult though none the less . The award Dan had made went to, Nick and Tyler Hardie for there 32 coupe and model A roadster . The roadster was set up for running the Hotrod Hillclimb in Colorado cause thats where he’s from and the 32 was set up for the Race of Gentlemen in Jersey as pops is out on the east coast . I wonder who gets to keep the trophy first.  Cruel and unusual punishment for a couple of really awesome guys and cars… cheers boys see you and your rides soon…


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