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Happy 90th Dode

words and photos: justin


    Well Dode Martin’s birthday was about a month back but today was the party, combined with a little open house up at the dragmaster world headquarters in the little town of Fallbrook Ca. What was once an every 5 year or so event has become an annual gathering at Dode’s property that I look forward to attending every year, and if you don’t know who Mr. Martin is, the brief history goes something like this, world war 2 hero, one of the first guys to build a rail style dragster, founder of dragmaster with Jim Nelson, winner, innovator, safety advocate, master machinist, and now at 90 years old still one of the hardest working guy in motorsports.

DSC04666 (750x500)

Dode will tell ya, “to keep the body working you gotta keep your mind working” , he’s still out in the shop just about everyday, building engines and recreating some of his earlier creations. His latest project is a replica of the first dragster he built, a little flathead powered job on an a chassis that he would eventually run up to 135mph in the early 50’s, we’ll have more on it as the progress gets moving along.

Back to the party, just a gathering of buddies, bs’ing, eating some great food, listening to some nitro cackling, and getting fat on birthday cake, can’t wait to do it all again next year.

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