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2 months ago by hopupmag

Nagoya Speed and Custom Show

  Where to begin, the Japanese are in a league of their own. I decided to plan a trip...

3 months ago by hopupmag

Complexity of virtues

What you seek can be found, be there and be ready for it when it falls in your lap…....

5 months ago by hopupmag

AMBR The Gran Daddy of em all

As the minutes pass by to the 2017 Grand National Roadster show  the newest AMBR contenders line up to...

6 months ago by hopupmag

Still in Shock – the outakes……..

They say that all men are created equal, that may be so on some piece of paper or to...

6 months ago by justin baas

A little TROG to go with your Holidays

Well room restraints left us will space for some individual features from the east coast race of gentlemen but...

7 months ago by justin baas

SCTA a year worth of out takes

For the first time in awhile SCTA got away with a full year of racing, and for the first...

8 months ago by hopupmag

Dual Spark Heads make me Dizzy

Well in preperation for TROG I totally forgot to get y’all this stuff , well here it is ....