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AMBR The Gran Daddy of em all

As the minutes pass by to the 2017 Grand National Roadster show  the newest AMBR contenders line up to get registered and judged. Leading up to this is quite a stressful event, sleepless nights constant building and polishing to put the cars together and it all comes down to a ticking clock ending today . It takes time and dedication to build a car of this caliber to go up against the best of the best in Pomona. Some put in a years worth of work and some take a decade to get to the grand stage at the Fairplex.  They all are going for the same prestigious award. The time and money spent to get there is staggering, and at the end money is no object for some as the clock ticks and the workers work the final payout may bleed a man or woman dry and put a huge amount of stress on families and friends. There is much more to the show than just a pretty car as there are people behind them that put their lives into the great works of art that are on display . If you have a chance talk to a few of the owners this weekend and get their stories or buy em a beer cause they need it.


This is a collection of the contenders as of 11 am on Wednesday that are heading into the show as well as the final thrash for Troy at Hollywood hotrods just a couple miles away from the Fairplex with a handbill Packard that our friend Eric Black designed.