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Dual Spark Heads make me Dizzy

Pics story : Tim / Resource pics Don Orosco and the HAMB

Well in preperation for TROG I totally forgot to get y’all this stuff , well here it is . I had always wanted to have a set of dual spark heads , so when the time arose I found myself with the right money at the right time. I woulda just put em on the wall , but knew my friend Jay at Nostalgia Ranch was putting together a T and flying our flag. So into the van they went and down to put them on the mild little 21 stud he had. We turned and looked at each other and thought the same damn thing , what about a dizzy? We just opened up a huge can of worms and didn’t know how far it would go.  I started making calls and doing research , It came down to this at first , Nash 16 plug Dizzy. Pretty damn rare and still needs tons of conversion to make work. This is what you’d see on most old timey twin plug cars and is probably the easiest to find.


screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-5-12-30-pm screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-5-12-44-pm

The next clue was talking to another friend who sent me to my old friend Don Orosco. He said he had a drive for twin vertex mags which he does as pictured here. They are damn sext , but i could see the dollar bills just flying away with buying a drive and then hunting down 2 vertex mags and then getting them rebuilt. I know the cool factor is there for sure! But dang , id be putting 5k into a 50 dollar motor to gain maybe 8hp? That just wasn’t in my world. Thats race car stuff for bonneville and drag racing having a nitro or alcohol injected car… Not for the daily abuse . Dead sexy though and can be found here along with a ton more bitchin stuff




With that out of the way I started digging and found a sea grave dual dizzy out of a fire truck seen below. neat clunky but damn where would I find one? Evil Bay here we come.



Well Luckily Bonneville came and I got talking to my friend Kris Elmer of the Throttlers. I noticed he was running dual plug Eddie Meyers in his A. I asked hey what kinda setup is that ? He said His. Kris and his family are damn smart, real smart, and he came up with a dual Wico mag setup and drive all on his own. How is that for doing it . He also has been driving regularly on it for a while now and knew it worked. It didn’t take up as much space between the motor and the rad like any of the other setups and was really looking good!  Well I was hooked , I wanted to be  “Elmer Equipped” with the T.  The price point hurt , but not as bad as you’d think running something so damn odd. I had to find 32 caddy caps and he would do all the hard work putting another together . He worked with us the entire way and dammit if that wasn’t killer. From putting the whole thing together to dialing it in on his dizzy machine before shipment , he wanted it a bolt on unit.



Well heres where the buck stopped  and what came in the mail we set it up and tried bolting it onto the 21 stud, oh boy houston theres a problem , the damn water pumps!!! The direction of the mag caps and the distance from the cap to the water pump pulley left us almost with a sick stomach. The saving grace is that the driver pump needed a little machining off of the dick that sticks out . 1/4 inch off and it was fitting just right . The other problem was the way the wires fed out to the motor straight into the pump. With a quick call to Kris, he told us to simply swap the cast tops on the wicks and it would shoot them out toward the front . neither of these steps need to be done with 24 studs, but leave it to us to be hopping up a 21. This was the first of his setups to go on a 21 stud so there was minimal massaging that needed done.


It really was a bolt on deal it came with an extra cam drive spacer and all the necessary hardware , even a super neat tool for timing. Although we had the tool the mags were both timed for 24 degrees from Kris and were rocking and rolling.  Now onto stringing 16 plug wires and putting a new set of plugs in . Damn this is an expensive tune up…


Having the mags and wires in place it was time to start, both me and Jay from Nostalgia Ranch had butterflies as we both have it in our head that nothing works out perfect. Boom went the motor and was running on all 16.  For this setup its required to run a kill switch for each of the mags separately. That one you’ll have to ask Kris Elmer about because its above my pay scale this time…  I hope Ive shed a little light on Dual mag or 16 plugs for a flatty somehow. It runs bitchin for a tractor motor hey and we may have even gained 5 HP in the process!


Below is a gallery of pics for y’all to look at and remember to check out Elmer equipped!  Kris has some bitchin stuff coming down the pipe!!

if you have any Questions for Kris go ask him he’s got rad stuff.


disclaimer: And yes I bought it off him this aint your regular type magazine getting stuff for free, we want businesses like this to succeed.


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