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From Sweden to England

Pis and Story by Kristor Lindblom

That Ford -32 has become so popular is not surprising since it was the first low cost car with the V8 motor and with a bit of lift-off in the form of removal of various metal parts became the young guy the neighborhoods racing star! It was produced in just 12,597 this year, and one wonders how many original cars are left out there today. Nowadays manufactures both fiberglass and sheet metal bodies in many places in the world so if you dream of your own Roadster it can be realized regardless of the building style you prefer.

In 2007, Jan-Olof decided to buy a Roadster to have as a summer car and looked at the various auctions and ads for the right car. Sometime later, he found 1932 Roadster on E-bay and decided to take a chance as the car had the “right” equipment in Jan-Olof’s liking. So it was just pressing the ” buy- it- now” button and wait for the delivery.

He has specialized in collecting genuine accessories from the 1930s to the 1950s and has a very strong knowledge of Flathead motors and what was the hottest in the early Speed equipment. Jan-Olof has put a lot of time and effort to seek knowledge and find the correct and timely enhancements to his car it’s not always easy or cheap to find the genuine stuff.
The1932  late model Roadster body is full of nice and unusual parts like the real front and rear from Kinmont 1947-48. These unique brakes made a number of Indy racers to the winners during these years.. Kinmont brakes were also mounted on a 1932 give-away Hot Rod built on SCTA Hot Rod show in Los Angeles in 1948. While the front axle of the 32 is a really rare piece that has been manufactured by Okie Adams that was a welder in oilfield but also dropped a lot of axels for different Speed Shops. Okie was also a very talented banjo builder by building the banjo a little heavier it would have  its own sound.
The engine is a 59AB -46-48 with 4inch Mercury crankshaft, Potvin Full Race 3/8 camshaft. The cylinder heads are Elco Twin reproductions of Don Orosco. There is a Italmeccanica Ford Supercharger and kit this is from 1950 in the cockpit you can find a full- Dash of Stewart Warner gauges.
Jan-Olof likes to use his 32 and is not of the nervous variety as he uses his car lot and has also driven to England several times with the black 1932 Roadster. He has driven it many times to events like Hotrod Hayride and the VHRA race at Pendine sands that is on the beach in Wales. Jan -Olof  has spent a few times with greasy hands on the side of the road , but that doesn’t stop him from driving. He came all the way home from England without a problem and has since driven many beautiful miles on our Swedish roads in the summertime.