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8 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. I bought my first HOP UP (vol1#1 for $.15 in Sep of 1951 and still have it. Watched it disintegrate into HOP UP and Motorlife and self destruct..Found
    it again at the Roadster Show in 1994 and resubscribed only to watch it disappear again after only a few issues. Mark Morton to the rescue in 1999!!! Thanks Mark. So glad to reconnect at the roadster show this year and settle for a new mag for a handfull of nickels.. Can’t work the damn computer..the check is in the mail!
    All the best
    Keep it going

  2. Hi, please let me know how to order magazines from france, it’s impossible to calculate the shipping tax, whoch always stays at value O even when I try to calculate it, have you some problems with your order page on your website ? many thanks

  3. we are trying to subscribe to the magazine but cannot log information into site. please give us a phone number to call to order subscription or give directions on how to access for ordering.

  4. I have been a longtime HOP UP reader from the original early issues,and enjoyed the website and all the Morton time as caretaker of the magazine. I was an eager watcher to see where you would take it, and so far so good. It seems you feel as I do,if you stick to tradition and let others chase fads,you will always have the core enthusiast. As to subscriptions, you do not state if it will be monthly,quarterly or annual. Thanks,Dick

    1. Hi Dick , the subscription will be quarterly…. its a lot to chew on and a ton of work to fill the 172 pages… its coming along great !!! thanks for the support!

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