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Hotrod Dirt Drags (Monte Vista Co.)



As I sit back to right this I get very excited . I got an email from my Good friend and promotor builder Mike in Colorado. He is on top of bringing a few of the best shows to us as traditional hotroders. He first came out swinging with the 60th anniversary of the Hotrod Hillclimb in beautiful Georgetown ,Co.  One of the best events I attended last year .I would say to go to both if you got the time and energy.Well Mike had been shooting me pictures of the old airstrip in Monte Vista. I saw a field and wondered how many cars would getstuck in the first hour. I didn’t have the vision thats for sure. Mike and a team had heavy equipment out last week cutting the dragstrip and packing it down getting ready for all of us to come… This really looks like a lot of fun now that Im seeing it through his eyes!.. Give the sneak peeks a look and jump over to his site for the history of this monuments event!

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