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Joyride Flatout ( a review )


So shortly after my post that print was dead I got an email from Teena Apeles at design studio press, a publishing company that recently put out a book by Dan Quarnstrom entitled Joyride Flatout hotrods and dream machines. It took quite a while to get the book at neither of our own faults. Two of the books were lost to the stellar USPS that i can only see going under in future years , but thats a whole other story.  I was initially excited to get a book for review on the site and was stoked that there are still folk that believe in print media.  So for the following weeks I waited anticipating the nice brown box to come with their offerings to the hotrod community and for me to read and ponder.


At first glance I wasn’t sure what to think , It wasn’t really HOPUP friendly in its entirety. But with a very open mind I cracked the binding and began reading . Page after page I couldn’t put it down until its finish. It is a bit of an art book and a bit of a historical account.  When I was done reading I thought to myself what right do I have writing a review of this book. What sort of roots have I come from that have granted me any sort of Bias to set forth to the world. I say none and thats where I stand . I consider myself a conciencious observer of life behind the camera. I am no literary being or historian. This book made me remember that .


Joyride Flatout is a journey of one mans history in this world we all love so dearly. Dan unlike me came from Hotrodding at a very early age in the late 50’s and grew up in the 60’s influenced by Big Daddy Dutch , the Beach Boys and all of the regular folk that were there in the time . He is an amazing artist with many many achievements in the advertising world , but his passion as he states has always been with hotrods. The book leads you through his development as an artist and through his own personal accounts with some of the greats of the day.


If I was in the book store I might dismiss the book on first glance but after reading it I can hear the little voice saying to me never judge a book by its cover. Even though the cover art is really badass.  I for one have learned again to have an open mind and to dig a little deeper . I say if you see it t the store pick it up. or shoot on over to the site and get one now .


cheers and keep it grounded.

Tim Sutton

heres where you can get it …..

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