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Kevin Gill’s Roadster Pickup

Words: Kevin Gill Pics: Tim Sutton

This old truck belonged to Don Moyer from Cleveland, Oh. for a lot of years. He’s the Rebel Reaper Willy’s gasser guy. Don used to take the truck to the Jalopy drags and drive it around the pits. My buddy Rob Mullins from Cincinnati traded Don out of it. I had a decent old ’56 Chevy that was gasser material, so we traded.


When I got the old truck it was basically a pile of parts. I was drunk on the beach in St. Thomas Virgin Islands when we traded, so honestly…… I had no idea what I was getting, until I got home and this “Pile” was sitting in my driveway.


We had 11 weeks from that day, until The Race of Gentlemen in NJ. It took a couple of weeks to round up all the missing parts and new stuff to get it started. Billy Fairbanks of Fairbanks Hot Rods jumped in and did alot of the work to help me get it done in time.


It’s a Henry Ford 1929 Roadster pickup. Stock frame and suspension with a few leaves removed to get the stance right. ’40 Ford hydraulic brakes, and a ’50 Ford master cylinder. Stock but freshened ’31 Model AA engine and 4-speed transmission. Aluminum Flathead V8 radiator with custom built hoses. Stock ’31 Banjo rear-end. ’40 Ford wheels with Standard V8 caps and rings. Hand grooved 7.50×16″ dirt track rear tires and 5.50×16″ Excelsior fronts. All 12v system with new wiring. BLC headlights on ’32 Ford stands.


All new black paint on the chassis and ’46 Ford Feather Grey paint on the body. Hand painted lettering by “Yours Truly”. I also did the upholstery on the seat, doors, and interior panels. 7 gallon Moon gas tank, vintage metal beer cooler battery box, and new stained wood in the bed.


I met Kevin a about a year ago under extreme circumstances. I broke down in his neck of the woods near Chattanooga TN. This guy went out of his way to help out a perfect stranger well at least were both into hotrods. I cant thank him enough for going out of his way. Anyhow I found myself at the Race of Gentlemen out in Jersey . I was straight drooling over this Roadsterpickup . Its so damn barebones and perfect in my eyes. Low and behold I hear a familiar voice yell hey Tim ! It was this strange fellow with a huge beard. It took me a second to put two and two together and realize it was Kevin. I swear he had grown another 5 inches on that face piece. We got to talking and next thing ya know we were getting out on the beach and shooting his truck. As you can see its just so right. Id drive it anywhere a 4 banger could take me.


All work done by:

Ooltewah Speed Shop and Faibanks Hot Rods

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