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Lifters Car Club Presents The King Of Clubs

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This is the 11th time Miguel and the rest of our pals in the Lifters CC have booked a little backwoods race track for a day of competition, and it’s become an event that I look forward to every year. The King Of Clubs race and show is always a great time, from the first annual where it was just a few buddies hanging out and making laps up and down the track all day, to the years of the giant all night party’s with thousand of people, you never really know what exactly to expect when you pull into the Barona drag strip.

DSC04141 - Copy (750x500)

The only constant seems to be a warm greeting from Miguel, the Mr. Magoo of hot rodding, right down to the lack of eye sight and top hat. In a way Miguel holds the entire “scene” together in San Diego county as well as the race at Barona. Just about everyone I know has bought a part or project from Miguel and The King Of Clubs has always kinda been his way of saying thanks, with a helping hand from the rest of the guys in his club.

This year was a little different, the racing ended up getting a late start which gave everyone a chance to just hang out and bs, and gave a good reason to do a little exploring around the dirt trails that run through the hills by the track. Racing finally kicked off around 3 and the ol’ phaeton got abused for awhile once again. Yup, it’s pretty darn slow but a good time all the same. I made a handful of runs down the track then enjoyed watching a few pals settle some grudges. The racing went on into the night but I had to get out of there early to load up for El Mirage, so we didn’t really get the full coverage of all the racing but here’s some shots from the day anyways.


DSC04075 - Copy (750x500) DSC04114 - Copy (750x500)

DSC03789 - Copy (500x750) DSC04487 - Copy (750x500) DSC04461 - Copy (750x500)

DSC04384 - Copy (750x500) DSC04413 - Copy (750x500) DSC04524 - Copy (750x500) DSC04211 - Copy (750x500) DSC04276 - Copy (750x500) DSC04302 - Copy (750x500) DSC04317 - Copy (750x500) DSC04340 - Copy (750x500) DSC04398 - Copy (750x500) DSC04201 - Copy (750x500) DSC04195 - Copy (750x500) DSC04231 - Copy (750x500) DSC04259 - Copy (750x500) DSC04253 - Copy (750x500) DSC04129 - Copy (750x500) DSC04160 - Copy (750x500) DSC04146 - Copy (750x500) DSC04173 - Copy (750x500) DSC04165 - Copy (750x500) DSC04156 - Copy (750x500) DSC04169 - Copy (750x500)



DSC04180 - Copy (750x500) DSC04161 (750x500) DSC04136 - Copy (750x500) DSC04140 - Copy (750x500) DSC04150 - Copy (750x500) DSC04500 - Copy (750x500)

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