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Lone Star Bound

words: Justin Baas Pics: Justin and Jesus


The trip started out as most typically do, for a few weeks before the Lone Star Round Up we’d been rallying the troops, seeing who was up for a little cross country drive to hang out with some pals in Texas. In standard fashion everybody was “in” but as the days to the departure date closed the list of those who where really up for the drive dwindled. There was a separate Hop Up contingency that would head out the 40, but to represent the southerners along the 10fwy it was just myself and John “jesus” Barnes. In the days leading up to the trip John had installed a fresh Columbia rear in his zephyr and I had built an ugly top to keep the sun off my gourd in the phaeton.

Here’s a little photo log of our journey to and from the Round Up, and some antics in Austin. It was a great time with only a few minor mechanical casualties along the way, a shock mount, some fuel filters, a dead generator, fried distributor, and a few unplanned gas stops.



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