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Lost Angels Childrens Project


Amazing things happen when people come together. If your reading this then your one of the guys that is in the most wonderful communities ever. People that are hotrods and customizers will just about give you the shirts off their backs for the most part to help out another in our world.  This story Is about a human being that really wants to make a difference and is doing so by the help of the entire community we live in . His name is Aaron Valencia. In 2014 he founded the Lost Angels project along with Union Rescue Mission (URM) and Grace Resource Center (GRC) to create the first ever “hotrod Giveaway”. Aaron Built a stunning 1931 ford roadster from the ground up. This seemed like an impossible feat at the time. He would be running into a ton of roadblocks by wood sponsors , just cause they didn’t know if the outcome would happen. It was a noble cause and he was able to get a good amount of parts but not all of them the first year.  20.00 giveaway tickets were sold for a chance to win the car and this helped fund the rest of the build and put money in the hands of those that needed it most , the kids. $34,000 was raised and donated to the children and youth development program of URM and GRC.

With the success of the LACP give away in 2014 Aaron and a dedicated group of volunteers have begun the build for 2015’s give away. A 1936 ford coupe , fully restored and customized. The estimated cost of the project Is $30k and the goal is to raise $100k through the give away tickets. 100% of the profit will be donated to URM and GRC.  LACP is currently finishing the 36 ford for the give away held at the Ventura Nationals on Labor Day weekend, Sept. 5 , 2015 ( ) For more Information about LACP, please email and visit .



To buy give away tickets please contact Ventura nationals!




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