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Words and Pics By: Chris Shaughnessy


Milwaukee. It seems that every time I go, I leave not remembering what I did. Not because I’m ever busy when I go, I just seem to enjoy what the city is known for, beer. I go into a visit thinking I’ll go see some history of the town, enjoy some sights and learn something. I usually leave hung over , full of cheese and forgetting why I even went.

Not this time.

February 21st was different. Very different. The Beer City was host to The World of Wheels AND Mama Tried bike show. I was hell bent on not only attending both shows, but including the Harley Davidson museum in this run, as well as make it back to Chicago for a birthday party by 8pm. It meant missing out on seeing old friends, or only spending minutes with some, who were in town from various far off lands. It meant eating crap food, standing up. It meant no beer… well, only a couple of beers.

I did it.

If you’re reading this, you know the atmosphere of car/bike shows and museums. Mama Tried is one of the best. Quality over quantity. Bare bones and perfect. The Word of Wheels show series, you already know the drill on these large hall shows. The Harley Davidson museum, well, you just gotta see it.  Here’s the proof…




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