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Moon BBQ Great time for the family


Well we finally got the Chevy out and about for a few miles and luckily enough Moon USA was having their BBQ. Its always one of those great times to meet up with a few friends and see what moon has been up to. It took all the years Ive been going to find out they have a swap in the back , leave it to my Idiocy.  Ended up picking up a set of discs for the new project, not the Chevy. hahahaha That cat will come out of the bag much later. Anyway you slice it theres always a ton of diverse cars that show up from street freak gassers to the Gow we all love . and everything in between. Moon is an Icon in our world as well as many others in the automotive life.

If your lucky enough The boys and girls down there will serve you a burger, they always seem to run out right when I get to the line , just the luck. Good friends and cars how can you go wrong. enough of this banter Im going for a drive . Enjoy the Pics.


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