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So I was running through the archives and came across this little ditty of pictures . Maybe not the show car that a lot of people like but hot rod to the bone I say . Never showed any of these pics to anyone, just a time and place long gone. Hell the only person I think I know where there at is Arie Vee. Yeah look at that guy all clean cut hahahaha.  Well searching in my scrambled eggs for brains I remember a few things. This was all shot around Robertson Ave. in L.A. at Motormouths house. Mr. Matt Winter had just finished getting the roadster on the road, no registration, no Insurance I believe, and he also just launched a clothing company with his brother.  Haven’t seen that guy in years. Bright stars fade quick I guess. Or maybe he’s off to way bigger things, I kinda hope so.


As for the car , 29 Model A roadster Ish. Think it was a sport coupe cut down with roadster doors. Well, anyway you look, its topless. It had the power right with the Edmonds dressed J2 motor mated to a lasalle transmission putting power to the ground through a raggedy old banjo. Bigs and littles yada yada yada, you know the drill, you ain’t stupid.


I think for me It really talks about buddies we haven’t seen in years. Not because we don’t think of them daily , but because the life we lead may not have time. Maybe I should make the time more . Rekindle old relationships. Who knows ……… I’ll quit the banter…..


Seemed like a lot was going on then, but we always had a thing called time……


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