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Not your local art Museum.

Pics and Words: Chris Shaughnessy


I have been getting a few emails from around the globe here and there. Most of them are expressing how stoked people are that HopUp is back. We here are super stoked and are just now getting ready for Austin. getting the cars Tuned and Book off to the press. Its awesome hearing that we are doing right by the 19. only a few short weeks and the book will be released.

One of the Emails I got was from Chris Shaughnessy. He shared his recent visit to the Beller Museum . After looking at the pics I wanted to share it with the guys to see what they thought. It reminded me of a statement Vern said to me , “the parts just aren’t around anymore. ” Well after looking at this place the parts are around , but there are huge holdouts of them across the US. Gives me hope that all the good stuff didn’t get tossed or recycled in the 70’s like I thought.



and now from Chris

Sometimes, you get lucky. Right place, right time… Know a guy that knows a guy… Whatever. My buddy Matt (mr.petersen1 on the Instagram), invites me to check out a, somewhat private, Model A collection. I pass. Got a tattoo appointment that day, I’ve seen a few stock A’s in a big room before. Go on about my day.

For some reason, the invite sticks with me. I do some research and find a website for the collection, Well, I got stoked, I asked if the invite was still good, tattoo appointment got switched.

I could go on about the size of the collection or the purpose of it, but the website does that far better. I’ll just say, thanks to Jordon Beller for allowing me in the doors and Matt for the invite. The stuff he has collected needs to be collected. Flat 4 speed parts, Model A print advertising, rare trucks, seriously, the guy has a 2 ton Mack pickup! Model A work trucks with period correct mods, a seriously cool A tractor. Plenty of old diag equipment, signs and cool stuff. But the shop, good lord the shop…

Just look at the damn pictures…

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