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Once a week roadster

by: Justin Baas


I’ve been getting that urge lately, you know the boredom of what you have sets in and it’s time to build something new. One problem, I’m back logged with customer cars and don’t really see getting to build anything for myself on the horizon, at least anything that’ll take a ton of time and money. After being in that slump for awhile I decided to say screw it, and take one day a week for myself to toss something together. The quickest and cheapest route I could think of was a little t roadster, I’m not much of a fan of t-buckets but put a little race influence into an early t and it gets the juices flowing.

We’ll start this off with where this little project is heading, digging through some early Hop Ups and some web searches gave me some ideas, a few favorites have always been Paul Schiefer’s lakes car and Duffy Livingston’s road racer, I’ll take a bit from each and follow some of the early CRA rules as well to build a car that would fit in at just about any track in 1951 whether it be a paved drag strip, the dirt/salt at the lakes, a banked dirt oval or a road course. Eventual plans are to beat the living hell out of this thing at any race venue that’ll allow it.

A stop at a buddy’s place (Lux) to look over a t he was building turned into me buying  his leftovers, enough bits to toss together a low cowl 23 body. Being a hoarder I already have several flatheads to choose from, an old chrome v8-60 axle, a few 39 boxes, a few different steering options and well pretty much everything else to toss a car together minus a frame, just so happened a pretty decent bare model a frame turned up at an estate sale for cheap about a week ago. That was enough to get this project going.

Plans are to put something up here once a week showing some progress, I’m only a day in at this point and got the body semi mocked up and cut up a perfectly good a frame… more next week for now here’s a bunch of pictures from my “inspiration” file and a few shots of where I stand after a day of wok cutting up a perfectly good stock frame.


DSC00777 (667x1000)

IMG_8784 (477x351)

IMG_8782 (711x563)

IMG_8761 (500x317)

IMG_8762 (586x440)

DSC07133 (667x1000)

IMG_8764 (1000x649)

IMG_8759 (776x602)

IMG_8765 (371x480)

DSC07131 (1000x667)

DSC07132 (1000x667)

IMG_8763 (1000x800)

IMG_8783 (609x298)

IMG_8766 (800x531)

DSC07134 (1000x667)

DSC07124 (1000x667)

DSC07115 (1000x700)

DSC07116 (1000x667)

DSC07118 (1000x667)

DSC07119 (1000x654)

DSC07121 (1000x328)

IMG_8760 (586x440)

DSC07117 (1000x667)

DSC07127 (1000x667)

DSC07128 (1000x667)

DSC07129 (1000x667)


DSC07130 (1000x667)

DSC07135 (660x1000)

one day down and I managed to get all the rivits out and down to the bare rails, started to square everything up in the front half of the frame and made up a quickie front cross member. This ones going to get built in the lean-to as the shop is full, so excuse all the junk piles in the background.

DSC00780 (667x1000)

DSC00781 (1000x667)

DSC00784 (1000x667)

DSC00786 (1000x667)

DSC00788 (1000x667)

DSC00789 (1000x667)

DSC00790 (1000x667)

DSC00791 (667x1000)

DSC05334 (1000x667)

DSC05333 (1000x667)

DSC05335 (1000x667)

DSC05336 (1000x667)

DSC05337 (1000x667)

DSC05338 (1000x667)

DSC05339 (1000x667)

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