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Once a week roadster… round 2



Well once a week pretty quickly turned into once every couple of weeks, then once a month, same old story. At least progress has been pretty quick, I’m four or five days in and the little bastard is a roller, hoping to find the time to put a whole week in on it soon, until then here’s the updates from the last few working days.

I also realized that I’m pretty bad a remembering to actually take pictures as I work, so there’ll be a few blanks that will have to get filled in later.

Anyways when we last left off the frame had been cut apart, narrowed up, and a new front crossmember installed, from there it was time to start contouring the frame to fit the t body

DSC00787 (1000x667)

A series of measuring, pie cutting, bending, measuring again, cursing, more cutting, and more measuring and leveling finally got it to the point where it followed the contour of the body well

DSC00793 (1000x667)

DSC00794 (1000x667)

DSC00795 (1000x667)

DSC00796 (667x1000)

DSC00797 (1000x667)   the idea on the rear kick up was to eliminate the base that the turtle deck would originally mount on and make the frame the mount instead. A 3″ kick up ended up being the perfect amount, with a little tapper at the back to thin out the rails for looks.

The kick up was made out of some 2×3 .120 wall, cut them the same, bent one over, welded it, than used that one to align the second one.

DSC05276 (1000x667)

DSC05277 (1000x667)

DSC05286 (1000x667)

here the basic perimeter frame, it’ll get tubing crossmembers at all the pie cuts as well as in the kickup to strengthen it all up

DSC05342 (667x1000)


next I moved onto making some front hairpin brackets/ spring mounts the way they would have been done 70 years ago, you’ll need some junk wishbones, a pair of early t rear spring hangers, and some 1/2″ or so steel plate…


this pair of model a wishbones that a hillbilly made a mess out of years ago was the perfect start, as all I’ll end up using is the front forging

DSC06397 (1000x667)

Just ahead of the forging I drilled a hole sized for the t spring hanger, you could do this after cutting them off but it’s nice to use the tube as a handle

DSC06400 (667x1000)

here’s the t rear spring hanger

DSC06403 (1000x667)

figure out your basic shape using the measurements from the hairpins and torch it out

DSC06395 (1000x667)

clean it up

DSC06402 (1000x667)

my frame is really narrow so the spring perches will have to sit a pretty good angle to keep everything in line

DSC06404 (667x1000)

here’s how they’ll look assembled

DSC06405 (667x1000)

turn the heat way up and burn them together, at this point the spring perch is able to be bolted through the mount, it’ll eventually get fully welded too once the car is mocked up with the weight on it so I can set the angle

DSC06406 (1000x667)




Again skipping a few steps its onto the rear, just a standard 40 banjo, starting with cutting down the torque tube

DSC06382 (667x1000)

DSC06384 (1000x667)

DSC06387 (1000x667)

DSC06388 (1000x667)

the rear radius rods are getting mounted to the outside of the frame since the thing sits a little to low to clear, to keep everything from binding the pivot point on the rods needs to be at the centerline of the u-joint

DSC06389 (667x1000)

DSC06391 (667x1000)

little pie cut to move them out to the frame and they’re good to go

DSC06394 (1000x667)


next I cleaned up a 8ba, mounted up a trans and started some inner bracing


steering will eventually get mounted off this

DSC06677 (1000x667)

DSC06682 (1000x667)


DSC06683 (667x1000)

super simple trans mounts

DSC06686 (1000x667)

DSC06687 (1000x667)

DSC06688 (667x1000)

DSC06691 (1000x667)

little step for the seat (center steer)

DSC06692 (1000x667)



and here’s how it currently sits, next up is some body mounting, steering, roll bar, pedals, and a track nose. hopefully the next round goes faster…..






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