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One from Detroit, Travis Boston’s RPU


Our good friend Clark Bates turned us on to this awesome little Y block powered roadster pickup owned by Travis Boston. It has so many amazing details its just stunning.. have a look for your self , more to come.

Clark Tells us the story .

“We started building the truck a couple of years back at Bad Donkee hot rods. Travis worked with us for a month and we made it a roller. We made the back half of the body….it was a tub originally. The bed was also made.
Travis took the truck home and worked on it a little here and there but didn’t get far. Life and a little girl just kept him busy. Last year right before Christmas he brought the truck back to Bad Donkee to be finished. The plan was to take it to Detroit. He again worked with us as much as possible.
When it was time for paint the color had to be green….that whole John deer thing comes into play. He came back from the paint supplier with a green that was way too close to John Deer green. We had to add some black till it looked just right.
We got together with Travis’ buddy Bobby More. He was doing the interior. He had planned on adding some brass accents to the leather interior, so we thought it would be nice to add some to the outside. O’Brien Truckers set is up with the brass hubcaps. The carb scoops we’re sent out to be plated and a few other small odds and ends thrown in. We knew the brass thing could get gaudy quick.
Some of the cool little features are the tiltlock steering wheel….a $5 Hershey find. The grill is an early aftermarket item for a Model T. The gas tank has a cool little gauge built in. And the bed wood came out of Travis’ old farm house during a remodel.”


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