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other side of the mountain….November El Mirage, again

pictures/text : Justin Baas


Well after a long week I’m finally getting some time on the computer, Timmy already put some up on the last El Mirage of the year but I figured what the hell lets give it another look through a different set of eyes.

This year has been an interesting one, rain outs at El Mirage during the summer month and a great salt lake that may never recover from BLM neglect, didn’t spoil the spirits of the 200 or so entries that came to the November meet. The air was crisp and the temp were cold, good enough for quite a few records to fall, including the vintage hot rod/Beck machine #911 34′ ford roadster running 277mph on dirt, the fastest ever pass made by a roadster out there, on the opposite end of the spectrum the Lattin boys ended up with the points championship running a Jimmy Stevens built flathead, the first flathead powered car to win a championship in about 40 years.

I showed up a little late to the party but the old roadster did its normal dance and went 151.something late Saturday, just before racing was shut down for the day. There was so many entries that the first round was continued Sunday morning. I had an am patrol duty which gave me some time to grab a few action shots from the end of the track, by the time duty was over we hurried up to get in line to make another pass but by the time we were 10 or so cars back the wind started to howl, the dust kicked up and from the looks of the clouds heading over the hill it was time to get outta there. By the time the car was loaded up on the trailer and the camp was packed into the truck bed we made it off the lake just as the showers started, one last kick in the pants from mother nature to cap off the 2015 season. We’ll be back again next year to do it all over again…….


DSC06560 (1000x667)

DSC06509 (1000x667)

DSC06496 (1000x667)

DSC06504 (2) (1000x667)

DSC06518 (1000x667)

DSC06507 (1000x667)

DSC06508 (1000x667)

DSC06495 (1000x667)

DSC06496 (2) (1000x667)

DSC06514 (1000x667)

DSC06620 (1000x667)

DSC06593 (667x1000)

DSC06636 (1000x667)

DSC06577 (1000x667)

DSC06510 (1000x667)

DSC06515 (1000x667)

DSC06625 (1000x667)

DSC06603 (1000x667)

DSC06493 (1000x667)

DSC06483 (1000x667)

DSC06464 (1000x667)

DSC06474 (1000x667)

DSC06437 (2) (1000x667)

DSC06440 (1000x667)

DSC06455 (2) (1000x667)

DSC06447 (1000x667)

DSC06449 (1000x667)

DSC06455 (1000x667)

DSC06443 (1000x667)

DSC06437 (1000x667)

DSC06436 (1000x667)

DSC06497 (1000x667)

DSC06501 (667x1000)

DSC06504 (667x1000)

DSC06549 (1000x667)

DSC06610 (1000x667)

DSC06541 (1000x667)

DSC06490 (1000x667)

DSC06485 (1000x667)

DSC06451 (1000x667)

DSC06442 (1000x667)

DSC06462 (1000x667)

DSC06443 (2) (1000x667)

DSC06413 (1000x667)

DSC06399 (1000x667)

DSC06433 (1000x667)

DSC06444 (1000x667)

DSC06476 (1000x667)

DSC06491 (1000x667)

DSC06494 (1000x667)

DSC06633 (1000x667)

DSC06660 (1000x667)


Saturday nights 2club banquet

DSC06482 (1000x667)

DSC06480 (667x1000)

DSC06479 (1000x667)

DSC06478 (667x1000)

DSC06417 (1000x667)

DSC06429 (1000x667)

DSC06517 (1000x667)

DSC06488 (1000x667)





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