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Our Hearts go out..


When you climb in a hotrod and set out for a day on the road you get a feeling of care free and love every moment of the ride. The smell of the unburnt gas and exhaust , the feel of the road , the chatter of the motor , you are in touch with your surroundings.  We love to share this with our loved ones as much as we can. Its a part of us that needs to be shared to other generations.


When we flip the switch and light the fires we are excited , but one thing always is in the back of our heads , what if’s. what if a wheel falls off , what if the engine ceases, we run through the entire mechanical workings of our cars in our heads as we roll down the city streets and country roads. You can go  crazy with the what if’s , but usually thats all they are and we call it a day with another drive under our belt.

Not often , but sometimes I hear of accidents in hotrods, just the mention of it chills me to the bone.We are taking our lived in our own hands when we set out , because though we are aware of our surroundings not everyone is. I got a message from my friend Gene about a good man and hot rodder Ron Hickman telling me that he had been in an accident with his grand children in his 1932 roadster quickly followed by pictures. I don’t think the pictures should be seen here as it is pretty brutal.  They like many of us had done were out for a drive , he was sharing his life with his grand children  when a truck and trailer pulled a u turn in front of them without any notice. There was no time for brakes and the accident happened.  Ron and the girls were rushed to the hospital and are intensive care.


Our hearts and prayers go out to Ron and his entire family, and really hope all turns out for the best .  If your the preying type add em to your list please.  Its always super hard to hear this stuff. Please keep the family in your thoughts.



When your out and about , the road is a wonderful place but anything can happen , keep an eye out for the other guy and drive safe…





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