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Pasadena Roadster Club BBQ

Pics and words : Tim Sutton


Well its summer and usually there seems to be get togethers all over to roast a couple dogs, burn some burgers , tell lies , and drink a few suds.  I have had my share this year of just about all of them , but when I got the call to go to the PRC clubhouse for a few I had to go .  Chris Ed and the boys usually have ya covered from the grill to dessert and tons to look at there in the shop. mountains of history lay in the shop from Veda Orr  memorial to a stack of 32 cali plates.  Sure that inattomate objects are nice but the people make it . I knew a lot of friends would be there and love hanging with the Pasadena guys and gals.  check out a few pics and enjoy….

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