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Rod Riders Get together


Once a year I get invited to a few of these events for land speed racing . Not sure why , but hell I’ll go with it cause of my deep admiration to these men and women of speed, and well its a passion of mine that i haven’t fulfilled yet.  Last week was the SDRC banquet and this week was the Rod Riders party . Were going to be hitting in depth all of the clubs still racing in the dirt and salt in our print issue , but wanted to share these events with ya.   Not only are the Rod Riders land speed folk winning in points in 2013 out at the lakes , they are for the most part hotrodders and it shows. A few of the cars pictured have been around since the 50’s and are still driven today , right on y’all.


The event this year was hosted by Jeb’s Metal and Speed over the bridge from me in long beach . Jeb has been up to some really top secret bike stuff and he doesn’t wish for it to be shown , well for now thats quite all right as theres plenty of eye candy to go around. His last build was for Indian Motorcycles and is the Spirit of Monroe. A streamliner bike that was in commemoration To Bert Monroe’s Scout  <seen in The World Fastest Indian>. Jeb’s got a lot more than that going on in his work shed these days ,but for this day it was all about hanging with good friends dipping into the beer barrel and telling Lies.



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