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Santa Maria -West Coast Customs _Cruising Nationals.


As I’ve told a few in the past there will never be another Paso. Well Its just something thats lost in the ethir. Thats just fine, I guess…. Those were good nights at the A&W and the Bowling alley , which both are gone now by the way . torn down . Well were here and this is now , Sorry to be so nostalgic.  Ive been going to Santa Maria for the past 5 years. It took 10 or so years for me to forget what Paso was and embrace Santa Maria as a new show. Im glad I did or I might not be going there at all . Bitter and old. I really do love the layer back nature of the fairgrounds who there. BBQs and beer flowing from the trunks . Good friends come in and out . People from all over the US come to see “the” custom car show.  It still reigns supreme on the custom car note. I wish more people would debut their cars their. It is our show and we gotta support it or it will fade away just like Paso.  Friday night in town your best off posting up at the Inn and watching the cars flow by and take in what is the cruising nationals.  Amazing show year after year it gets bigger and better and I’d like to think others like me that are forgetting the old venue are starting to see the possibilities here in Santa Maria.  If you have the time next year check in and  check out .  You’ll be sure to see amazing cars and above all meet some amazing people.



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