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The Art of George Barris


Here is my lagging review. I hope it’s not too late. Feel free to edit, embellish or whatever you need to do to make it good. I’ll email a few pics too.
-Tim Wallace Turks C.C.

A little over a month ago I walked into the San Diego Comic Con. I walked straight to the Last Gasp booth and my eyes were directed to this amazing George Barris book.
I was told that they only had three copies of this yet to be released treasure. Just the cover alone with George standing next to the original Batmobile
had me. Then, Last Gasp told me they spent 6 years on this book and you could see the pride in their eyes.
I  immediately became the second person to buy the book. I took it home and
spent a month of evenings going through the pages.
Unlike other books on Barris, this book really puts focus on the art of his cars and his vision to expand the custom world.
The book starts out with Brett Barris talking about growing up as “the luckiest kid in the world.”
It is packed with photos of all things Barris. Early customs, wild 60’s show cars, even wilder TV/ movie cars to model kits, toys and even custom bicycles.
Within the photos are essays by Pat Ganahl, Rok Hoving, Piero De Luca, Greg Sharp, James Cherry, Dominic Priore, Dan Stoner, Jim Aust, Jeff Fox, Tim Boyd, Aaron Kahan and Verne Hammond. All telling a story about George or how he influenced them.
Robert Williams carries the last words “when it comes to custom cars, George=
is the king.”
I couldn’t agree more! Just the section in the Batmobile being transformed from the Futura show car is amazing. There are many photos that I haven’t seen before.
I hope that this book appeals to the rest of the Hop Up crowd like it does to me.
There is no denying the Barris influence on the car world.

This book is about to be released for all to see.
You can purchase it at

Join George and friends today at Galpin Auto Sports !!!


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