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The Drive


Well here we go. I sit here tapping on keys when I should be out in the garage. The kids just fell asleep, I took some time off, I have a flex plate that needs replaced yet here I am . I think its a drive thing. I need some gasoline ya know anywhere to get some cause I feel like I’m in the reserves. Day job night job ,family and all sorts. I made my bed and I aint bitchin, its just a lot sometime.


Holidays snuck up way too fast , It just feels like yesterday it was 76 degrees and sunny. Oh yeah it was. Thanksgiving is here and I’m sure I could offer some special incentive to buy our junk , but I won’t beat on you about that. Every time someone gets a shirt it just makes sure the mag goes to print. I feel like we just did the third yet the 4th issue is on my desktop getting jived out by all of our writers and photos before X Mas, damn I hope so.  Just got back from Spokane wa, on my way to japan. have a reliability run in between then back to Atl for Xmas. the time is here the time is now. this is what we do . we have a ton to do and way too little time.  if someone figures out how to clone humans give them my number OK? i could use a couple of me from time to time.  But for now I have a date with a Tranny…. yeah take that how ya want to ….



see some of you on saturday at an undisclosed location somewhere in CA. The river city is back for its last performance.

and for everyone have a great thanksgiving ad thank you all for the support.

out to the garage I go….

Tim Sutton , sorry for the sp

Lunatic at large

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