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The Hot Rod Roundabout…….. get out there and drive ’em

words/pics- Justin Baas


I’m not much for stagnant parking lot shows so a few buddies and myself got together several years back and decided to come up with something a little more entertaining. We headed out in the work truck to map out a route, and when we found a few back roads that were a little bit iffy for even the newer truck we knew we were onto something. Call some pals with the right kinda’ cars, get a few vintage-ish support trucks to haul extra fuel, water, a 5 on 5.5 spare, jumper cables, and tools and we were getting on track. Figured the proper way to end the deal would be with a BBQ and a little live music.

The runs ends up being right around 100 miles with a different route each year, we like to toss the guys a few curve balls and give them some options, don’t want to go down the dirt road? then ya’ gotta’ hit the steep twisty stuff. By the time every one shows up back at the house its time to settle the nerves and grab a bite.

This is a little photo recap of the 2015 event, already making plans for the next one. Not sure which hills we’ll be heading up but we’ll be sure to make it a good one.


Here’s the challenge to the readers, all 19 of you, get out there, plan a route, call some buddies, and sling them old beaters around some corners. Just make sure you invite us.


DSC01836b (641x750)

DSC01830 (750x500)

DSC01804 (750x500)

DSC01809 (750x500)

DSC01810 (750x500)

DSC01820 (750x500)

DSC01821 (750x575)

DSC01822 (750x500)

DSC01825 (750x500)

DSC01827 (750x500)

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DSC01916 (500x750)

DSC01908 (750x500)

DSC01912 (750x500)

DSC01911 (500x750)

DSC01909 (750x496)

DSC01840 (750x500)

DSC01877 (750x500)

DSC01886 (750x470)

DSC01932 (750x691)

DSC01931 (750x500)

DSC01897 (750x500)

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