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Tim Evers “T” Roadster

Pics & words: Tim Sutton


Back when I was arriving at the Dirt Drags in Colorado I saw a guy and his son on the side of the 2 lane highway coming into town. The guy was fiddling with the motor and the boy was sitting with anticipation in the drivers seat. It looked to me like a scene out of a time life magazine 1950. I had to stop and see if everything was ok as we were about 10 miles out of town , and walking back in would be a chore in itself even without a young boy in tow. The car caught my attention at first cause it just seemed so right. Perfect stance, flathead mill, and deuce shell. Sure its been done before ,but for good reason , it works.

I pull along side the little stretch of highway and offer any assistance I could give , thats when I met Tim.  Asked if he was ok and needed a tool or anything . He assured me he was OK and had just come from Kansas with his family for the event . He wanted to take the car out and give her a final tune on the carbs before he started racing at elevation . This part of Colorado might be flat but its sure high up and does whacky things to fuel delivery as you might know.  So on I took off and went to the event to check in and see what the scene was. Tim was close behind and made it back with the ol flatty sounding pretty damn smooth.

It always warms my heart to see an entire family taking part in the hotrod ding deal. This Family is no different. As the weekend went on I saw tim teaching his boy to drive the old hotrod, something you wouldn’t see in California due to the powers that be , you’d probably find yourself in the pokey getting yelled at by a bunch of disgruntled mothers. I digress, what I saw was pure fatherhood , passing on the torch to his son. It is the right thing. I’d be stoked to tell my friends that my first car I drove was a real deal hotrod model T .

As for the car , it took Tim Quite a few years to get it to the point it is now . I think he told me ten years but may be less. Family comes first and I think we all can agree that no matter how long it took Tim nailed the look and feel of this roadster.. see you next year at the dirt drags, and maybe his boy can reach the pedals and make a pass this time.





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