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Well its about time!!!! Volume 11 Issue 2



Well the word on the street is its out ! Well kinda . Johns running a hotshot from Salt Lake with the goods straight to SoCal Sacramento for Tomorrows release party. This will be the first place to see and get the book . Im throwing it up on the site here now so be looking for it and get it while it lasts . We wanna thank everyone that helped make this Issue happen, all 19 of ya that get it . Been a rough start but were learning the ins and outs and streamlining our operation and correcting things as they come to us. Hold Fast y’all.

heres the link to get the issue online!

Subscriptions are going out beginning of next week so you guys should be seeing them soon. We think we have the distort problem licked from last time . Now they are coming in padded envelopes, the brown ones , non descriptor, just like well um The rest of the good stuff. But this one even your girl will like opening.


Distributors are in the same time frame as the subs. we are looking for places all over to carry the mag . shops , stores, and meeting places for the like minded so if you have suggestions or even wanna carry it just give us a yell . We are all ears.


And for now I leave you with the Salt and a few more teasers!


John stopped by the salt on his way out west . It was supposed to be the Release for the world, but mother nature decided we needed more time to work on our race cars. Bonneville is the best worst girlfriend you ever had. More on that one later!

In the men time if your in the area or wanna go for a drive come see us at So Cal!!! plenty of parking and get the first look!





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