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Well shoot scoot

  • Written by hopupmag
  • 2 years Ago
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Well sometimes you have to know when to throw in the towel. I guess. its a bitter sweet moment . This time its with my 47 chevy coupe. She ain’t much to look at but she has it where it counts. Bee battling this fresh build to get her underway for austin for the last week or so racking my head around the clunks whizzes and rattles. I seem to constantly have to go back through things that other people had done and make right. So far so good. Finding little things like how the pinion was set up wrong from the motor and trans all the way out back to the reared . Easy but time consuming. Telling my self the whole way how I shoulda set up the chassis in the first dang place. Never before on my cars have I had so much pain. Maybe I’m getting older and don’t have the time or patience.  Well from the motor I had a timing and carb issue I believed , could be a sloppy valve at this point. still an easy fix I think at this point.  Trans is making noises that sound like nuts and bolts rolling around in the case . checked all the rotating assembly,all good there and all tight and not touching or rubbing. Go figure.  Rearend problems I felt were most of my trans problems so went in a fresh 3.08 highway gear in the 57 reared. man that did make a difference, but as soon as one noise went away another came from the fresh rear gears… one thing after another. yep thats the tune of the song I’m singing. It will all get fixed , but not in time for the pilgrimage to Austin for roundup . too dang much to do . Edit video for the either, get a look at the freshly printed book we made , get the van up to snuff.Its a full court press and Monday is going to come quick.  Couple shoots and edits and gotta schedule a few more. Work is work.


Im Not bitchin’, but just expressing how a fresh build can sometimes go . Theres always the shakedown period that sometimes never ends. I am in shakedown hell. I like to have at least 500 miles on a car before I roll out to go on a long trip . The van had a year of driving before is saw the open road across this country of ours. Its a learning process for man and machine.


I only hope I win this one…..


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