Tim Sutton

Vintage Performance Streamliner

Tim Sutton
Vintage Performance Streamliner


I got a link the other day to an Ebay listing Logan had put up , it got me thinking . I remember in 2013 when I was at Bonneville shooting and hanging around the pits and remembered I had shot some pics of what I thought was the perfect streamliner. Logan is no stranger to the land speed game . He has been building cars for it for years. The streamliner is  one of his newest creations to see the lakebed and perform.

Building a land speed car in itself is a huge task. There are rules and safety equipment that usually screw up the aesthetics of the build and make it defiantly new build to the eye. Logan at vintage Performance seems to have a knack for making things look old , perform and be safe .  If you look at pics from the 40s to the 60s as we all have there is a timeless look that we seem to strive for in our builds. Much of us gravitate to the early lakes racing for its bare bones speed merchant look. When building a competitive race car in todays world thats really hard to do and make it look right. This car knocked it out of the park in my book and have been wanting to see it on the salt again since the last time and maybe even be there when he broke a record in it .

Well the car may break a record , but it will be under new ownership if someone has the fun tickets to play. I don’t think the price is too off base when you look at the time and money involved in building such a car with all of the necessary safety equipment. The car is done and has been over 190mph at El Mirage which is huge if you’ve been to Elmo. It is said to have some fuel delivery issues that they ran into last time , but all and all for a turnkey package a lucky person could be leaps and bounds into checking another thing off their bucket list in one of the best looking  streamliners of my time.

 Body – Nose and tail section is from a bellytank that has been widened.   The fairingis also parts of a belly tank and the rest of the body panels are handmade.  Top fairing now has an air scoop.

Frame – The frame structure is made from 2 x 4 x 3/16 rectangle tubing and 3 bulkheads are incorporated.  One at the rear of the engine compartment and one in front of the engine compartment and one in front of cockpit area.  The rest of the frame is made from 1 5/8 DOM tubing, including the roll cage.

Front End – Front axle is a narrowed tube that has 40 Ford spindles and Lincoln hubs.  Front suspension is two parallel leafs.  It also uses a 40 Ford steering box.

Rear End – The rear end is a narrowed Halibrand Quick change, which is coupled to a 40 Ford transmission that use 2nd and 3rd gears (Lincoln).

Wheels and Tires – 16 inch steel Ford wheels.  Dunlap racing tires that have been shaved and balanced.  They also have moon disk wheel covers.

Cockpit – The cockpit area has a canopy that opens up for entry.  The dash is simple with only a few gauges.  There is a GPS speedometer, telatach for RPM, exhaust temperature gauge and idiot lights for oil and water temp.  Steering wheel is WWII aircraft.  The pedal assembly is from a 1957 Ford Pickup.  The seat is aluminum.  The shifting and throttle are cable operated.

Engine – 59 A Block that is filled.  286 cubic inch, billet heads (solid), forged piston, Carillo rods, Mercury crank, Vertex magneto, Hillborn fuel injection, 671 blower, Isky cam.  It has a nitrous system that has never been tested.

Racing History – The streamliner has been raced at Bonneville and El Mirage.  To date, the top speed has been 191 mph with the current engine. It has all of the required safety equipment (fire system, seat belts, parachute, race tires, etc).