Tim Sutton

Ruckus at Riverdale Raceway

Tim Sutton
Ruckus  at  Riverdale Raceway

By Monique Sache


In the south western corner of Washington state, just outside the sleepy town of Toutle, you will find Riverdale Raceway.  A two lane concrete drag strip an 1/8th mile long that time seems to have forgotten, was the venue for this years Billetproof Drag Races.  A two day event featuring wheels 1964 and older, heads up racing, no brackets, and mini bike madness!  It all sounds too good to be true, but old school drag racing still does exist in this high tech, fast paced world of ours. The racing ran all day from 8 in the morning until late in the afternoon, with non stop runs down the track; some fellas were lucky enough to get in over 30 runs in a day.  With temperatures reaching well into the 100’s, the smell of gasoline and rubber thick in the air, and the sounds of v8’s and flatheads filling your ears, it was hard not to get caught up in the excitement of drag racing. 

Billetproof was two full days of camping, great people, crazy stories and lots of good BBQ!  Proving that drag racing doesn’t always have to be so serious, just come out and have a good time!